Half-Day Farmers Wanted 2017 (3 PT positions)

Currently hiring for our special attack force “weeder crew” which includes hand weeding, hoeing, lopping, bucket washing, box making and other deeply enjoyable mindless tasks. Hours are 830am-1230pm 3 days/week. Must be able to lift 40lbs, distinguish between “weeds” and “crops”, and move quickly and steadily doing repetitive tasks.

We are a fun and social workplace, and this will leave you with plenty of time in the afternoon to still go swimming. Pay comes in money, sunshine (and rain), company and a few flowers. This is an excellent fit for first-time job seekers, stay-home parents with kids in summer camps, folks with night time indoor jobs (bartenders, we see you!), self-employed people who need a social break, and philosophers who need a steady focused task to do with their hands while they ponder the meaning of life!


Heidi or Ben