Food and Farm Manager

The Farm Production Manager (FPM) is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Farm at VYCC, VYCC’s vegetable and poultry farm. The Farm at VYCC is the central life force of VYCC’s nationally recognized Health Care Share. Over the past ten growing seasons, we have proudly established an 8-acre, fully diversified vegetable and poultry farm in Vermont’s Champlain Valley with annual production of ~110,000 pounds of produce, 1,000 meat birds, a flock of laying hens, and a small number of cattle and pigs. Significant infrastructure – tractors, green and hoop houses, walk in coolers, a wash station, fencing – all support farm operations. The FPM will build upon this foundation, overseeing a thriving farm that offers meaningful employment and learning opportunities for youth, young adults, and hundreds of volunteers.
Learning, employment, personal growth, and service are at the “core of the Corps” and are the primary outcomes of all VYCC programs, including the Farm at VYCC. In this context, the Farm at VYCC is a vehicle for learning and the on-site project sponsor for VYCC crews. As a key member of the team, the FPM will collaborate closely with fellow program staff to create a vibrant learning environment for staff, leaders, and Members. We are seeking a teacher, a leader of youth and young adults, and an experienced farmer.


Daniel Schmidt

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