Farmsitter Needed

We are looking for (ideally) a single person or young couple to do farm chores one day a week and to care take our animals and house when we need to leave the farm. We're getting old and want to do some traveling before we can't anymore. In exchange we'll provide a cozy cabin with kitchenette, laundry, shower, composting toilet, and utilities included. When we are gone for extended periods you will have the option to live in our own house. We are also willing to share the meat and vegetables we raise in exchange for help with gardening. You should be neat, conscientious, responsible, detail-oriented, non-smoker and drug-free. Preferably, no pets as we already have two big dogs, but that is negotiable. Experience with livestock and poultry is helpful but not necessary. We're willing to teach you. We have laying hens and ducks, geese, guineas, meat birds for market, alpacas for fiber, and usually piglets for pork and a large garden. We want a long-term commitment (at least a year). It's an opportunity to try your hand at farming before you try to buy your own farm,. We are willing to entertain ways for you to take over our established market and/or pursue your own projects. If you're interested, give us a call to arrange an interview and visit the farm.


George Nash or Jane Waterman, MD

Phone Number:

802 888 9280