Farmland for Lease, Landgrove, VT

Multiple owners seeking a new farmer to help create a productive and profitable venture in Landgrove. They seek a farmer who will establish an environmentally responsible diversified agricultural operation. The previous pasture-based grazing operation is suitable to the landbase, but the land will support a wide range of crop and livestock production; multiple species and mixed agricultural use are possible. 120 acres of farmland are immediately available. Approximately 5 acres are suitable for pasture only, the remainder is currently hayed or can produce an agricultural crop. The land is constituted by a nice mix of sandy loam river bottom and upland glacial till prime ag soils. The terrain is flat to slightly rolling. pH currently at 6.2 – 7.0. Elevation is above 1600 ft. for this farm. Some of the acreage is in the floodplain and can be seasonally affected on an annual basis.
No shelters or facilities are currently available but landowners are willing to discuss funding for a permanent winter shelter for livestock. Some watering and fencing systems are in place. Farmer Recruitment Process
Interested farmers are asked to submit a letter of interest. Please send your letter to Jon Ramsay at [email protected]. If you have any further questions about the farm’s resources or the process, or if you would like to visit the farm please let us know.


Jon Ramsay

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