Farm Handy(person) with Housing in Lively Brattleboro

Solo farmer w/ 38 acres, 1830s House, Beautiful old barn, greenhouse, flowers berries contract grazing organic heifers and goats. Seeking handyman - my least skill is in mechanics (Kubota tractor and implements, chainsaw, weedwacker) and hope to make a nice workshop in the barn while getting everything started over at once. Also plenty of carpentry, electric fencing, animal work, and just helping me stay on track so I can do the sales, growing, harvesting, arranging. Several beautiful housing opportunities, depending on how much you can contribute financially in addition to pitching in. Bright tall 12x`16 cabin looking over pasture; beautiful farmhouse room or suite with own kitchen and bathroom if you want to rent; spaces along two forested brooks for tent/cabin, 26' camper renovation project, and a family house in downtown (off farm) if you come with a family, want privacy, and have other income but want a farm connection and part-time work or place to pursue your own farm/business plans that need land, greenhouse, tractor, barn space, workshop.
LIVING/WORK ENVIRONMENT: I need truly happy solid and peaceful people around me (not seeming nice and quiet but actually passive aggressive or buried anger). The farm and all property is non-smoking, organically managed, things get done right the first time and goal is to move ever closer to renewable, sustainable, and fiscally viable support of two households. More on VTLandlink.


lisa Holderness

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