Equipment Service Manager

Reports to: Owner and General Manager

The Equipment Service Manager must have excellent communication and organization, with a working knowledge of, or an interest in, biofuels and non-toxic fluids, combined with experience in heavy machinery maintenance and repairs. This individual does not need to know how to repair everything, so it is important that they know when to utilize a sub-contracted mechanic.

General Responsibilities: ❏ Perform or oversee all equipment maintenance and repairs ❏ Maintain service logs for all equipment ❏ Complete fluid changes and fluid samples as scheduled ❏ Ensure inventories of all fluids and replacement parts are adequate ❏ Provide General Manager and other relevant staff with regular status updates on all equipment ❏ Maintain healthy relationships with equipment shops we work with

For an interested candidate, there will also be opportunity for machinery operation and learning about composting processes.

The specifics of this opportunity can vary based on an applicant’s skillset. A skilled mechanic may be performing most repair and maintenance tasks on their own, while an applicant that may not have the same technical ability may just coordinate the completion of more complex maintenance and repair tasks, providing more opportunity for other duties.

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Benefits: Paid vacation, holidays, and personal days, 3% matching IRA, partial health insurance reimbursement, boot stipend.


Kurt Ericksen

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