Dairy farm with grade A creamery and farmhouse for rent

At the site of Mountain Home Farm in Tunbridge, VT we are offering for rent our pasture, hay land, creamery and farmhouse to a motivated party. The creamery is a fully certified and approved grade A creamery with a processing room, milk room and dry milking parlor for 13 cows at a time. Some of the dairy equipment remains including a 200 gallon bulk tank, vacuum pump, 10 gallon butter churn, large commercial fridge. We also have Guernsey cows and heifers for sale. There is approximately 20 acres of pasture on hilly terrain with fencing in various states of repair. The pasture has been renovated to a productive and more resilient state though intensive rotations and adding compost. There is a 14 acre hay field beyond the grazing pastures that could be either hay or pasture. We usually get two cuts off of the hay field and then graze the third cut in the late fall. There is an enormous four story barn with a concrete barn yard that has a run in shelter into the bottom for livestock overwintering. We are looking for someone who has a clear plan to take advantage of each of these farm resources. We are seeking someone with whom we can collaborate and share a larger farm vision with.
Also a part of this farm rental opportunity is the 4-5 bedroom farmhouse right across the road from the creamery. It is a large and open space from the early 1800’s. There is also space for someone to grow a garden of their own.
Cost: $1,700/month (Farmland, creamery, flat rate electric)


Evan Reiss

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