Creamery Manager

Larson Farm and Creamery is a 25-cow certified organic and certified 100% grass-fed Jersey cow dairy. We recently completed a creamery. Our current product line includes unpasteurized ‘raw’ milk, pasteurized cream-top milk, yogurt and gelato. We will soon add skyr and butter. All of our products are certified organic. We start with healthy soils and healthy cows to produce delicious and nutritious organic dairy products that will be distributed throughout New England and New York.
Job Description
We are looking for a person who is excited about dairy processing and devoted to quality. Duties include:
1. all aspects of milk processing, from pasteurization to packaging
2. microbiological testing
3. maintain daily ‘make logs’ and other inventory records with precise accuracy and detail
4. clean and sanitize equipment and on a regular schedule, general facility cleaning and maintenance
5. maintain inventory records, with the ability to plan ahead and develop weekly schedule for processing
6. regularly inventory of ingredients and packaging, and order when necessary
Compensation this position is PAID: hourly, varies, depending on experience.


Rich Larson

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