Cheese making assistant

Karim Farm and Creamery makes "farmstead-style" cheeses using European guidelines: At present, we have 18 cows, heifers and calves and produce 8 cheeses. All milk is produced on the farm. "Makes" are small, ~40 Lb.

We are looking for someone to begin as an intern this summer and remain as a salaried cheesemaker beginning in the fall. As an intern you will be involved in all aspects of our farmstead approach. You will gain experience with cows, milking and pasturing, be involved in all "makes" and take on responsibilities in this process, and help with affinage, packaging and record keeping. You will learn food safety protocols as laid out in our food safety plan and standard operating procedures. At the same time we see cheese making as an art and you will work with us to think creatively "on-your feet.

Our General Requirements for a cheese maker include:
• Enthusiasm for cheese making. Prior culinary experience is preferred but we are happy to train some one with a commitment to learning the art of cheese making.
• Commitment to food safety and ability to carry out detailed cleaning and sanitizing protocols.
• Ability to work independently and collaboratively, willing to communicate in an on-going way.
• Ability to lift 50-60 lbs multiple times a day.
• Interest in dairying and farm-based production a plus.



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