Bear Roots Farm: Seeking Assistant Farm Manager

We are seeking an assistant farm manger to primarily work in the field with a small crew. This job will involve seeding, harvesting, transplanting, foliar spraying, laying irrigation, fertilizing, weeding, cultivating with tractors, washing/packing, attending farmers market (on a rotating basis), tractor work like harrowing, cultivating and mowing, employee management (monitoring, motivating, teaching and working along side all crew members at various skill levels), high tunnel maintenance (all growing seasons), perennial crop maintenance. Plus additional assistance as needed in the following areas: CSA, public events/dinners/workshops, farm projects such as greenhouse assembly, fencing repair or moving, or structural improvements. We will also require this person to keep a farm journal.

This position will rely heavily on exceptional communication skills as well as the ability to: work alone or with others, teach new techniques, make quick decisions, monitor employees in a constructive way, ensure efficiency, create and maintain a positive environment, the ability to resolve conflict positively, and to set a positive example at the farm.

Must have at least 2 years of experience working on a vegetable farm, have a valid driver’s license, the ability to lift 50 lbs regularly, and the ability to thrive in a fast paced farming environment.

Compensation: $14/hour plus access to farm produce. Farm lunch provided daily (prepared by crew on a rotating basis)


Karin or Jon

Phone Number: