Update on the Enid Wonnacott Fund

Enid Enid Wonnacott led NOFA-VT with grace, humor, and humility for thirty-one years. Enid changed Vermont for the better, and created an aspirational model for our country’s organic food movement. What we remember Enid most for, however, is how she brought people together. She cared for people and used food as a tool to build community. Enid spun a web of connection, support, and relationship that wove together into a broad, strong movement. It’s easy to overlook her kindness and care for what it was: a tool for change-making through relationships. Enid left us far too early. 

Enid's Orchard This year we are remembering Enid in the month of her birth. We hope you will join us in celebrating and remembering Enid all throughout the month of August. Enid loved hiking and being outside, enjoying the beautiful home we share. We’ve helped gather some beautiful walks through the farmland of Vermont and invite you to go for a walk in Enid’s memory. Visit DiginVT to find more details about the walks.

Finally, we are humbled and delighted to share that we have reached our goal of raising $500,000 for the Enid Wonnacott Fund. We are so thrilled to have this lasting tribute to Enid! The Enid Wonnacott Fund assures that Enid’s values and legacy will be carried forward long into NOFA-VT’s future. These funds have supported NOFA-VT through the year of transition and we will steward the remainder as long-term nourishment and reserve in Enid’s memory in The Spirit of Enid Wonnacott Fund for the community-building, joyous work that she loved. 

We all have a role to play in continuing the good work and joyful community that Enid tended. Visit this webpage to learn more about Enid and her time at NOFA. You can learn more about the Enid Wonnacott Fund here. It's not too late to make a contribution if you'd like - we will be accepting ongoing donations to support this important work. Thank you for being a part of our community. May Enid’s memory be a blessing, and call to joy and connection for us all. 


Grace Oedel, NOFA-VT Executive Director
(802) 434-7164  |  [email protected] 

P.S. Are you planning a walk in Enid’s memory? I’d love to hear about it—please give me a call, send me an e-mail, or tag #Enidsmemory @NOFA-VT.