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June 3, 2016 •
Maddie Monty, NOFA-VT Policy Advisor


We’ll gather on the State House lawn to celebrate this major milestone in food system transparency and to hear from some of the activists, farmers, food producers, policymakers and others who helped make GMO labeling a reality in Vermont.

May 3, 2016 •
Maddie Monty, NOFA-VT Policy Advisor

The Final Countdown to GMO Labels

With the start date of Vermont’s GMO labeling law less than two months away, we are continuing to fight efforts to weaken or preempt our law at both the state and federal level. Here in Vermont, efforts from within the State House to slow the implementation of Vermont’s labeling law were thwarted last week. Changes to the law were successfully limited...

March 31, 2016 •
Maddie Monty, NOFA-VT Policy Advisor

GMO Labeling: No Patchwork, No Problem

Following the failure earlier this month of a U.S. Senate bill that aimed to stop state GMO labeling laws, an outpouring of announcements came from major food brands who say they plan to label their GE products not only in Vermont, but nationwide. With the July 1st implementation date for Vermont’s Act 120 quickly approaching, the GMO labeling train set in motion by our small state in 2014 is forging ahead, and it appears some big food companies are finally jumping on board.

October 27, 2014

FSMA Listening Session with VAAFM and NEASDA

Food safety regulations will affect farmers and food processors throughout the country, and NOFA Vermont has been one of many voices calling for these regulations to be amended to be appropriate for organic and small-scale farms.

January 29, 2014

GMO Labeling Hearing: February 6

The Vermont Senate Agricultural Committee has been hearing testimony on the GMO Labeling bill for weeks – ever since the legislative session opened in early January.