Stories of Interdependence

Social distancing doesn't have to mean being disconnected. Many of us are inside, confronting uncertainty that carries anxiety along with feelings of isolation. We hope you enjoy these conversations to illuminate paths of relationship, bio-regional unity, and interconnected systems. 

Video from our keynote address: Niaz Dorry's (Executive Director of National Family Farm Coalition) heartwarming and inspiring talk about a new "Declaration of Interdependence.”

Video of a panel discussion between organic farmers and food system leaders pushing back on the narrative of competition and scarcity, weaving a new story about interdependence, bounty, and possibility, asking us all to be bold future-scouts, exploring possibilities and working to bring them to life. 

Audio interviews on Soundcloud:

  1. Interview with Mariah Gladstone, creator of Indigikitchen, an online cooking platform, to revitalize and re-imagine Native foods. Gladstone was named a “25 Under 25 Leader in Indian Country” and a “Champion for Change” by the Center for Native American Youth. In a conversation with NOFA-VT Executive Director Grace Oedel, she discusses food sovereignty and the connections to health, identity, and political sovereignty. 
  2. Interview with Abe Collins of LandStream and the Soil Carbon Coalition discussing ways of assessing and valuing the beneficial services provided by healthy ecosystems. In his interview with NOFA-VT’s Communications Manager, Kim Norman Mercer, they also discuss how farmers can become watershed contractors to grow the natural capital infrastructure and ecosystem services needed to sustain society. 
  3. Interview with Cathy Albisa, executive director of the Partners for Dignity and Rights (formerly National Economic & Social Rights Initiative), and Erin Buckwalter, Development & Engagement Director of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, discuss a new vision for the social contract and how the Worker Driven Social model is bringing a new day to dairy farmworkers in Vermont as well as workers across the world.

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The NOFA-VT team