Sourcing rare and endangered foods for Slow Food Ark of Taste

Gilfeather Turnip
Hi friends! 

Mara here from Half Pint Farm - but wearing my Slow Food Vermont Board Chair hat - and I'm looking to source some items to feature at the Young Farmer Meetup at the NOFA-VT Winter Conference. The Slow Food Ark of Taste features rare and endangered foods of cultural significance, and we'd like to feature some key New England items. We are hoping some of you amazing growers have some of these produce items in storage here in midwinter. In particular we are looking for any of the following:

  • Boston Marrow Squash
  • Canada Crookneck Squash
  • Early Rose Potato
  • Garnet Chili Potato
  • Green Mountain Potato
  • Rhode Island Red "Old Type" Chicken
  • Plymouth Rock Chicken
  • New Hampshire Chicken
  • Java Chicken
  • Dominique Chicken
  • Roy's Calais Flint Corn
  • Jacob's Cattle Bean
  • Gilfeather Turnip

All items will be used by our Snail of Approval Chef Doug Paine of Juniper Bar and Restaurant on pizzas made with the NOFA mobile pizza oven. 

We will be able to buy items from you, list your farm name in materials, and invite you to attend the event, which will be at Hotel Vermont on Saturday, February 17th from 7-10pm after other NOFA Winter Conference events that day. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions, and if you notice other things in the Ark of Taste catalog that you grow and would like to offer to us, please let me know! You can find the complete catalog HERE.

Thank you all for growing amazing food for Vermont!


Mara Welton
Half Pint Farm
Slow Food Vermont
[email protected]