Seven Reasons to Become a NOFA-VT Member

Members are the heart of NOFA-VT and your membership is a vote for organic farming practices that sustain communities, nourish land, and build a just food system. Your participation adds power and momentum to this movement, and your membership ensures we can keep delivering on this vital and ambitious work. Our members are farmers, homesteaders, gardeners, engaged eaters, and food system enthusiasts from all walks of life who believe that a better food and farming system is possible. Your membership is an investment in a thriving agricultural future for all in our communities. 

Join us!

Seven Reasons to Become a NOFA-VT Member:

#1) Support organic farmers & the Vermont working landscape - We provide services to farmers ranging from technical assistance to business planning, new farmer training, cohorts to build networks, and educational opportunities for farmers at all stages of their business development.

#2) Mitigate the impacts of climate change and help nourish an ecologically thriving planet - We promote climate friendly, organic farming practices that work with natural systems, build healthy soils, and protect biodiversity - all keys to reversing the harmful impacts of climate change.

#3) Raise your voice - We advocate on state and national levels to raise up small and medium scale farmer and farmworker voices, and for agricultural practices at the intersection of people, planet and justice. 

#4) Increase agricultural awareness and understanding - We create educational and engagement opportunities that aim to deepen our collective understanding and commitment to a more ecologically thriving and socially just food and farming system.

#5) Build an equitable & fair food system - We raise awareness for eaters and community members about how to access and grow good food and provide a suite of food access programs to ensure that all people in Vermont can afford to enjoy organic food at home and throughout Vermont's schools and other institutions.

#6) Build community - We host events like our annual winter conference and travel the state with our mobile pizza oven to build community, share meals, and celebrate together. We work in coalition with other organizations to build people power and connection across sectors.

#7) Grow the movement & have fun! - We build community engagement programs to develop agricultural awareness and move us towards an ecological food system that is for and by the local community. We work in a variety of settings: in schools (in classrooms and cafeterias); on farms; at farmers markets; in the statehouse; around the kitchen table.