Notice to Bulk Order Customers

NOFA-VT Bulk Order Dear NOFA Bulk Order Customer,

After more than 30 years of coordinating the NOFA Vermont Bulk Order, NOFA has decided to close the program.  While the number of certified organic farmers and organic gardeners continues to grow, the number and volume of orders has continued to decline for the past 5 years.  It seems that we can count this as a victory! The program was originally designed to help make products approved for use in organic production easier to find and at bulk discount prices.  Organic farmers and gardeners can now, much more easily than before, find the approved products at local hardware and farming/gardening supply stores or get them delivered straight to their farm or home.

The net profit each year supported one of our programs including our Farm to Community Mentor Program, Farmer Emergency Fund, and our Farm Share Program.  So know that your patronage went to a good cause!

Our certification team will continue to maintain a list of approved amendments that certified organic farmers are permitted to use.

We thank our many vendors for having participated in this program including our most recent vendors:

Again, thank you for being part of the growth of organic agriculture in Vermont.  We are currently 700+ certified organic producers strong and have over 1,100 NOFA Vermont members!

Wishing you the best,

NOFA Vermont staff