News From the Farm #1: Spring Sounds

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Dear friends of VT farms & food,

So many sounds! Spring is full of tinkles and twirps, clucks and moos, geeks and baaas.

Those are all animal sounds that perhaps you can decipher. Do you know more farm animal sounds? On this farm there is also the pip-pip of the cows’ electric fence, the gush of water as it goes through the greenhouse irrigation lines under the tomato plants, and the constant engine chortles of tractors and trucks. There is the nip-nip of hoes on garden rocks, the wizzz of my son Eben’s chainsaw and the clump-clump of someone pulling the old wheelbarrow with a near so deflated tire from barn to shed.

Most of the farm  sounds we hear remind us of this awakening spring season. So too is a sound we tremble to hear. Mama coyotes are hunting for food for their growing young. The mamas are howling at night and by day are silently stealing our laying hens. The coveted hens provide twenty dozen eggs each day to our community. Our mighty farm dogs , Kena and Hastings, heard the foxes last night. They are now keeping the predators away by running after them and telling them, in their way, that this farm is not to be stolen from. They heard the bad sound of the coyotes. We heard the comforting sound of dogs chasing. Every sound tells a story. We like the sounds that tell us that all is right on this hillside farm.

So what sounds do you hear outside? Where do they come from? Can you imitate some of them and have  others guess what they are? Get close to the ground to hear earthworms dance, ladybugs sing and seeds start to pop!

Here’s to all things growing!

Scout from Someday Farm in E. Dorset for NOFA-VT 

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