Member of the Month - May 2019

MAY'S MEMBER OF THE MONTH: Elizabeth King (Jericho, VT)

We are excited to share NOFA-VT's Member of the Month for May! In this monthly feature, we choose a member to recognize each month as a way to celebrate all the wonderful people that make up the NOFA-VT community. Thank you for being a part of it! 

Why are you a NOFA-VT member?

I fell sideways into NOFA-VT Membership when I took over the management of the Jericho Farmers Market from my mother. Their support for small scale farming & and their work in support of the Vermont Farmers Market Association are invaluable to me in my market management work.  

What do you value most about NOFA-VT’s work?

I value NOFA-VT's work because they are a backbone of support to small farmers across the state. They serve as valuable advocates, educators, partners and cheerleaders for those doing this hard, and absolutely vital, work.  

How long have you been a member?

3 years

Do you identify as a…. (eater, gardener, homesteader, farmer, etc.)?

Farmers Market Manager & Advocate.

How have you been involved with NOFA-VT in the last year?

As a board member for the VTFMA, I work closely with folks at NOFA-VT to advocate for Farmers Markets and direct sales outlets across the state. Their leadership and coordination of this group has been an invaluable resource to me and other Market Managers around the state. 

Why does organic matter to you?

Organic pushes farmers to think sustainably and long term and to focus on the natural world as a resource rather than as something to be tamed. This outlook asks all of us to consider the food system holistically in a way that is better for ourselves, our communities and our world. 

What's your number one priority for NOFA-VT this year?

NOFA-VT's ongoing education efforts, especially with new farmers, are vital for the continuation of the sustainable food system and working landscape into the next generation. Their work in education, support & advocacy for these young people should be a priority in the year(s) ahead.