Member of the Month - December 2018

decEMBER'S MEMBERS OF THE MONTH: Danielle Allen & Ben Dana, Root 5 Farm (Fairlee, VT)

We are excited to share NOFA-VT's Member of the Month for December! In this monthly feature, we choose a member to recognize each month as a way to celebrate all the wonderful people that make up the NOFA-VT community. Thank you for being a part of it! 

Why are you a NOFA-VT member?

We're NOFA-VT members because we respect and appreciate the hard work that NOFA does to support Vermont farmers, improve access to organic food in our communities, and advocate for Vermont organic farms on a local and national level. 

How long have you been a member?

We have been members for 18 years!!

Do you identify as a…. (eater, gardener, homesteader, farmer, etc.)?

Farmer. We grow certified organic vegetables on 38 acres. 

How have you been involved with NOFA-VT in the last year?

We partnered with NOFA this fall to host our local legislative candidates at the farm. They toured the farm and we engaged in thoughtful discussion about concerns and hopes for the future of agriculture. 

We recorded and shared data on our tomato production methods as part of an ongoing Cost of Production study that Mimi Arnstein and Jen Miller are doing with NOFA. 

We also attended several summer workshops and we participate in the NOFA winter conference every year! 

What's the best garden/farm experiment you did this year?

We've had some success using silage tarps to control weeds and break down cover crops this season. 

Why does organic matter to you?

Small scale organic production methods are healthier for soil, water, and air quality. Food grown organically is also safer for farm workers and consumers. 

What's your number one priority for NOFA-VT this year? 

We support NOFA's work to strengthen the organic label.