Make an Earth Day Flag: Celebrate Vermont Farmers!

Earth Day Flag Earth Day Flag Looking for a creative, hands-on project to get you and your family through the gray and rain of spring?

Join NOFA-VT as we celebrate Vermont’s hard working farmers by creating an Earth Day farmer appreciation flag! 

Vermont farmers are hard at work feeding their communities. Help them continue to grow by showing your love and gratitude with this easy craft that’s fun for the whole family.

Materials needed:

  • An old pillow case or piece of cloth that’s free for crafting
  • Colorful fabric markers or permanent markers
  • A stick and/or a few pieces of strong string 
  • Staples


  1. Gather materials
  2. Boldy block print “VERMONT FARMERS FEED US ALL” (or a similar message of your choice) on your pillowcase/fabric
  3. Decorate with drawings of farmers in your community, local foods you love or signs of spring like peepers, robins and green grass!
  4. Attach stick or string to flag using staples
  5. Display your appreciation flag outside for all to see-hang it on your mailbox, your front door, or inside a big window.
  6. Share a photo of your flag with NOFA-VT by tagging @nofavermont. Post your photo and share with us your favorite locally-grown food or farm (include the artist’s name, age and hometown).

Share this celebratory act with friends over social media and by word of mouth. Let’s see these flags all over Vermont! Here’s to spring!

-Idea courtesy of NOFA-VT’s Agricultural Engagement team