Leftover Bulk Items for Sale

Get some great deals on items left over from NOFA-VT’s annual Bulk Order, a buying program that gives NOFA-VT members and the general public the chance to purchase quality farm and garden products that meet the National Organic Standards at volume discounts. All income generated from the Bulk Order goes to support NOFA Vermont’s Farm to Community Mentor Program. To place an order please contact Phoebe at 802-434-4122, or [email protected]. All products are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Smaller items can be mailed; shipping will be added to cost. Large items must be picked up at our Richmond office.

Please view this spreadsheet for a complete, updated list of items available, including item descriptions and prices.  This list will be updated as items are sold.

Abbreviated list of items available:

Item • Size • Description (Quantity available)

  • Agri-bon row cover • 50' • A white, spun-bonded polypropylene material that protects crops from insects and offers 4°F protection. Weighs 0.55 oz./sq. yd. and transmits 85% of sunlight. (1)
  • Annual rye grass • 10# • Widely adaptable to a variety of soils. Dense root systems withstand temporary flooding and are effective at holding soil and improving tilth. Uncut, will grow to 2' – 4', but should be kept mowed to prevent reseeding. Good annual smother crop when seeded heavily. ½ - 2#/sq ft or 15 - 50# /ac. (3)
  • Azomite, granular • 4# • Slow release. Contains dozens of minerals and trace elements beneficial to plants and animals. Hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate derived from volcanic mineral deposits. 1 - 2#/100 sq. ft. or 450#/ac. (2)
  • Bags - "thank you"  (11.5" x 6.5" 22") • 1000 (1)
  • Berry boxes quart (green pulp) • 297 units (4)
  • BMR sorghum/sudangrass (org) • 10# • Good for soil building, weed and pest control, erosion control and can serve as N trap crop. Exceptional warm season forage. Can be chopped, grazed or round baled. Works well in mixtures with small grains and peas. 1#/sq. ft. or 25 - 35#/ac. (1)
  • Bone char 0-16-0 • 50# • Alcined (burned) bone meal containing more than 16% available phosphate. (1)
  • Buckwheat hulls • 2 cu ft • Mulch for perennials. Helps retain soil moisture, allows the soil to breath, is an effective weed barrier, and looks attractive in landscaping. Breaks down slowly over time and adds to the organic matter of the soil. (7)
  • Buckwheat seeds (org) • 50# • A prized cover crop for weed and disease control, also releases phosphorous from the soil. Can also be used as a forage. This variety is not food grade. 1-2#/sq. ft. or 40 - 60#/ac. (7)
  • Harvest baskets, 1/2 bushel (wooden) • 3 (1)
  • Calphos colloidal • 50# • Soft-rock phosphate is an excellent choice for calcium-deficient soils as plants will take up the calcium first, freeing the phosphorus to be taken up in turn. (14)
  • Embossed black plastic mulch • 250' • Good all-purpose plastic mulch for cool-weather areas. Excellent weed suppression. Increases soil temperatures by several degrees. Put down a few weeks before planting to allow the soil to soak up some heat. Embossed texture increases strength and minimizes tearing. (1)
  • Field Peas, "4010" • 50# • Purple forage peas, large leafy plants with greater biomass, best when grown with a small grain for support. 3 - 4#/sq. ft. or 100#/ac. if grown with something else, 150#/ac. if grown alone.  (1)
  • Field Peas, "Admiral" • 50# • Early maturing high yielding, best with support of early oats or spring barley for high grain yield and quality. Can be successful as a forage. 100#/ac. if grown with something else, 150#/ac. if grown alone. (1)
  • Fish hydrolysate with kelp 2-3-1 • 1 gal • 9:1 ratio of fish and kelp that provides the NPK of fish emulsion and the micronutrients and growth hormones of kelp. Can be used as a foliar feed, in drip irrigation, and for better seed germination & growth. Improves plant vigor and stress resistance. 2 - 3 tbsp/gal. water for foliar spray, 4 tbsp/gal. for soil drench. (1)
  • Fort Vee Potting Mix • 20 qt; 60 qt • Complete compost based germinating and growing-on mix designed for soil blocks. Excellent for trays, pots, and containers. When roots have filled container, top dress with compost and water in. (1)
  • Greensand • 50# • Naturally occurring iron-potassium silicate (also called glauconite) has the consistency of sand but is able to absorb 10 times more moisture, making it an exceptional soil conditioner. Contains potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, and other trace minerals. 25#/1000 sq. ft. (1)
  • Gypsum, pelletized • 50# • Calcium sulfate: 23% calcium and 19% sulfur. Provides calcium to soils without impacting pH. Prilled for easy spreading. (1)
  • Jiffy Pots • 3"; 4.5" • Peat pots that can be planted directly in the ground without disturbing seedlings. (600; 50)
  • Liquid kelp • gal; pint • Use when starting seeds to improve seed germination and increase root growth. As a foliar feed, it will increase mineral uptake in leaves and improve photosynthesis. 2 tbsp/gal. water or 1.5 qt./50 gal. water/ac. (3; 4)
  • Mammoth red clover (org) • 2#; 10# • Perennial legume, great green manure or hay/pasture crop. ½#/sq. ft. or 7 - 18#/ac. (1;1)
  • Manure compost (Vermont Compost Company) • 20 quarts • A fully mature composted blend of bovine, equine and avian manures, bark, late cut hay, spoiled silage, food residuals and mature compost. Tested for maturity. Free of live weed seed. (2)
  • Oats, Butterworks • 50# • Common variety; good for feed or for hulling for human consumption. 2.5 - 4#/sq. ft. or 75 - 100#/ac. (7)
  • Org Alfalfa meal • 50# • Alternative to blood meal as a nitrogen source. 2 - 3#/100 sq. ft. or 800#/ac. (1)
  • Peanut meal • 50# • Oil is extracted from non-GMO peanuts and the leftover meal is then pelletized and crumbled into a flowable dust-free consistency. Vegetable protein meal that contains 8% total nitrogen. (1)
  • Peas/vetch innoculant • treats 50# •  (1)
  • Plug tray, 72 • 5 • Made of lightweight plastic with bottom drain holes. (1)
  • Premium potting Soil (McEnroe) • 1/20 yd • Excellent for making soil blocks, potting seedlings and transplanting, and amending garden beds. (1)
  • Pro-Booster • 50# • A combination of vegetable protein meals (such as alfalfa meal, cocoa meal, cotton seed meal, kelp meal, peanut meal, and soybean meal), animal protein meals (such as blood meal, crab meal, dried whey, feather meal, and fish meal), and Chilean nitrate that contains 10% total nitrogen. A fast acting fertilizer with 1/3 of its N immediately available (water-soluble). Can be side or top dressed wherever extra nitrogen is needed. (1)
  • Pro-Gro • 50# • A premium general-purpose fertilizer with a high-nutrient blend of natural ingredients to which plants, trees, and vegetables respond with rapid and sustained 
  • growth. (11)
  • Pro-Start • 50# • A natural, non-burning, eco-compatible starter fertilizer for any variety of seed or transplant. Is an excellent choice for root crops, legume begetables, perennials, flowering shrubs, mature fruit trees, legume hay (as a summer top-dress), and as a starter fertilizer for any kind of seed or transplant. • 2
  • Rubber bands • 1# (9)
  • Rye, winter (Org) (Lakeview Organic Grain) • 50# • Extremely winter hardy and competitive grain thrives on well-drained loam soils but will do well in heavy clays or sandy soils. Tolerates pH from 5.0 - 8.0. Best planted in early September to give good growth before winter dormancy, but may be planted at higher seeding rates as late as mid-October. 2 - 5#/sq. ft. or 100 - 200#/ac. (26)
  • Serenade • 32 oz • A bacterial fungicide Bacillus subtilis, effective on a wide range of bacterial and fungal diseases of vegetable and fruit crops (late blight, powdery mildew, fireblight and scab). Colonizing the leaf surface to prevent the establishment of diseases. Application is ~4 oz./gal. (1)
  • Sweet yellow clover (Org) • 10# • An excellent green manure. Long thick taproots effective at breaking up subsoils and improving soil aeration. Brings up phosphorus and potassium in the process. Bees love sweet clover. ½-1#/sq. ft. or 9 - 20#/ac. (2)
  • Vetch/rye mix (Org) • 2# • Superb cover mix for fall planting. Produces abundant green manure, adds nitrogen to the soil and suppresses weed growth. The rye acts as a nurse crop for the vetch, protecting it from frost damage and providing support for the vines. Seed at 2#/1000 sq. ft. or 90#/ac. (2)
  • Zeomax • 25# • Aluminosilicate lattices (from volcanic ash) that improve the productivity of soil structure by retaining water and minerals and improving aeration and minimizing compaction. Added to compost, it retains ammonium ions and ammonia gases, keeping nitrogen from escaping into the air. Water after application. (1)