July's Members of the Month

In this monthly feature, we recognize one of our member as a way to celebrate all the incredible people who make the NOFA-VT community what it is. This month we connected with Gabby Tuite and Henry Webb, organic veggie farmers from Old Road Farm. Originally established on 1/4 acre in Monkton in 2015, this year they found their dream property and forever farm with the help of the Vermont Land Trust in Granville, VT. Old Road Farm was also a recent recipient of NOFA-VT's Resilience Grants, which they plan to use establish an on-site farm stand and build out their website. In addition to being certified organic through VOF, they are also certified by the Real Organic Project.

Why are you NOFA-VT members?
We are members because we believe in NOFA-VT's mission of strengthening our local food system by supporting local farmers and producers.

What do you value most about NOFA-VT's work?
We value NOFA-VT's numerous education and outreach programs.

How long have you been a member?
5 years

How do you identify - an eater, gardener, homesteader, farmer, a hybrid, etc?
Organic vegetable farmers.

How have you been involved with NOFA-VT in the last year?
We were part of NOFA-VT's Journey Farmer Program and took some classes with the Farm Beginnings Program, both run by Farmer Services.

Why does organic matter to you?
Organic offers some an alternative to our broken industrial food system by focusing on the health and sustainability of the environment.

What's your number one priority for NOFA-VT this year​?
Local and healthy food access for those impacted by COVID, and assistance for farmers and producers impacted by COVID as well.

How has your business had to change and adapt during COVID​?
Our farmers market shut down for the season, so we started our first CSA!

Any silver linings​?
We actually love our CSA and hope to expand it next season.

What three characteristics make up a resilient community​?
Strong relationships with community members, sustainability for current and future generations and communities that are adaptable to change and challenges.

What's the activity you're looking forward to most post-COVID?
Visiting friends and family!


To learn more about Old Road Farm visit their website and follow them @oldroadfarm