February's Member of the Month

In this monthly feature, we recognize one of our members as a way to celebrate all the amazing people who make up the NOFA-VT community. This month we talked to long-time member and former organic farmer at Windstone Farm, Terry Marron of Williston, VT.

Why are you a NOFA-VT member?
I am a firm believer in organic practices.

What do you value most about NOFA-VT’s work?
Bringing farmers and gardeners together for a common cause.

How long have you been a member?
Off and on since 1979.

Do you identify as a…. (eater, gardener, homesteader, farmer, etc.)?
I identify as a gardener, eater, homesteader and former commercial farmer (certified organic of course!)

How have you been involved with NOFA-VT in the last year?
Since I have retired from farming I have not been actively involved but keep up on NOFA-VT's monthly newsletters and website and hope to be more active this summer.

What's the best garden/farm experiment you did this year?
I still grow a fair amount of garlic and am trying to deal with leek moth. I was much more vigilant about using row cover last season to deter their flight and decrease their mating and egg laying. I also spent time spraying with Entrust 7-10 days after their peak flight. It took a bit of monitoring and record keeping but it was well worth it!

Why does organic matter to you?
Organic matters to me for the environment, personal health and peace of mind.

What's your number one priority for NOFA-VT this year?
I would like to attend more workshops this year and meet other farmers and gardeners now that I have the time. I am always advocating for people to grow things organically and to learn how things grow in general. The health of our soil is where it all begins!