Enid's Orchard

This spring, 31 trees are being planted on farms across the state to represent Enid's 31 years with NOFA-VT, but it's not going to stop there. We invite you to help spread the love and keep Enid's legacy alive by planting a fruit tree that is part of a statewide orchard. 

If you are interested: 

  1. Select and source a fruit tree sapling.
  2. Email Scout Proft to procure (at no cost) a metal "Enid's Orchard" tag for your tree.  Please include your snail-mail address in your message.  
  3. Plant your tree, attach the metal tag, and nurture the tree as it roots and grows.

 A complete map of all the trees in Enid's Orchard will be unveiled on the NOFA website this fall and displayed at the 2020 NOFA-VT Winter Conference.

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Enid's Orchard