March 2021 Blog Posts

March 27, 2021 •
Kim Mercer, NOFA-VT Communications Manager

Farming & Caregiving

NOFA-VT has been hearing from Vermont farmers about the unique challenges of farming and caregiving. Throughout the pandemic, the increased demand for local food coupled with child care and schools being closed highlighted the need for farmer caregiver support.

March 23, 2021 •
Livy Bulger, Education & Engagement Manager

Seven Reasons to Become a NOFA-VT Member

Members are the heart of NOFA-VT and your membership is a vote for organic farming practices that sustain communities, nourish land, and build a just food system. Your participation adds power and momentum to this movement, and your membership ensures we can keep delivering on this vital and...

March 19, 2021 •
Megan Browning, NOFA-VT Farmer Services Program Facilitator

I Am the Farmer: Abbie Corse Reflects on Farming and Mothering

Abbie Corse, an owner and operator of the Corse Farm Dairy, has been learning to juggle mothering and farming for ten years, and it has not always been easy. Mother of Eli, 10, and Niko, 7, and stepmama to Grey, 14, Abbie is finally becoming clear headed about what pressure points exist at the intersection of farming and parenting. “I’m an unusual dairy farmer,” shared Abbie in a recent interview, “because I don’t farm with my partner. This has literally defined how I am able to farm; needing to be the primary caregiver and farmer all at once.”

March 1, 2021

Farming and Caregiving • Paid Opportunities to Share Your Story

Are you farming and caregiving? NOFA-VT wants to share your stories! Caregiving is often overlooked and undervalued. NOFA-VT seeks to bring attention to the critical work of caregiving and the unique challenges posed for farmers who are also caregivers. We hope this work will build farmer-to-farmer relationships and support networks, and also provide a basis for future advocacy and coalition work to bring the unique challenges of farming and caregiving to light.