September 2020 Blog Posts

September 25, 2020 •
Livy Bulger, Education & Engagement Manager

On-Farm Volunteering with NOFA-VT this Fall

NOFA-VT is seeking volunteers to join us on farms to help with harvest, planting and maintenance projects, all while also learning more about community projects these farms participate in such as the Abenaki Land Link and the Vermont Agrarian Commons.

September 23, 2020 •
Bill Cavanaugh, Farmer Services Advisor

Blueprint Project Webinars

The Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust, NOFA-VT, and Vermont Land Trust are hosting an informational webinar to introduce our collaborative project which will provide business planning and land access services to farmers of color in Vermont. We aim to work with farmers across the entire...

September 23, 2020 •
Jennica Stetler, UVM

Health Services for H2A Workers

UVM Extension wants to make sure H2A workers are as healthy as possible during this busy time of year and into the future. The fall flu season combined with COVID is potentially a huge threat to the success and viability of farms and we want to help reduce this risk. We are making available FREE health services on and off-farm in the coming weeks and are doing a health needs assessment to help us make decisions about future services. 

September 22, 2020 •
Maddie Kempner, Policy Director

NOFA-VT Joins Call to Expand On-Farm Slaughter Allowances

On September 14th, NOFA-VT joined 25 other organizations and farmers in sending a letter urging the legislature to increase the allowances for the number of animals that can be slaughtered under Vermont's on-farm slaughter law. Expanding the opportunity for farmers to take advantage...

September 15, 2020 •
Contributed by DigInVT

Vermont Farm Walks Blend Agriculture with Recreation

Strolling, hiking, running, and meandering along a farm trail can be added to the list of agritourism activities encouraged on Vermont farms, thanks to the newly formed Farm Walk Trail network.  The Farm Walk Trail network is a collaborative initiative of food, farming and agritourism organizations brought together to create a directory of walking trails on farms across the state.

September 8, 2020 •
Bill Cavanaugh, Farmer Services Advisor

Farm Beginnings: "Exactly what we needed"

One farm that recently completed the program is Hunger Moon Farm in Fairfield. Colton and Dani are both midwesterners who came to Vermont looking for the perfect balance of good food, outdoor fun, and ample farming opportunities. They found all three in abundance living in Fairfield and working at Stony Pond Farm, an organic dairy.

September 8, 2020 •
NOFA-VT Engagement Team

Planning for Winter 2021

We write with news about our beloved yearly winter conference. This is an unprecedented time. Although we look forward to a time when we are able to gather safely in person, it isn’t safe now to plan to hold a thousand-person gathering this winter. We are filled with sadness to miss being together at our annual NOFA-VT Winter Conference, and we're also excited for the possibilities to continue connecting during this unique time.