May 2016 Blog Posts

May 4, 2016 •
Michael Good, Community Food Security Coordinator

Vermonters use "Crop Cash" to double their money at farmers markets

There are currently over 83,000 Vermonters who receive 3SquaresVT benefits to help them buy more food for their families. Starting on May 1st, Vermonters who use their 3SquaresVT benefits at the farmers market will be able to double their money with Crop Cash, which can be used to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs from local farmers.

May 3, 2016 •
Maddie Monty, NOFA-VT Policy Advisor

The Final Countdown to GMO Labels

With the start date of Vermont’s GMO labeling law less than two months away, we are continuing to fight efforts to weaken or preempt our law at both the state and federal level. Here in Vermont, efforts from within the State House to slow the implementation of Vermont’s labeling law were thwarted last week. Changes to the law were successfully limited...