Annual Survey and Reporting

Farmers Markets Annual Reports

Income from markets

In 2012, 41 of the 48 reporting markets collected gross receipt data of their vendors. The totals reported were divided into 3 major categories: agricultural sales, food sales, and crafts. The total reported gross sales amount for these 41 markets was $8,309,040.32 (up from $5,340,396.13 reported in 2011 from 54 markets). Agricultural products accounted for $4,204,475.59, prepared foods $2,417,671.36, and crafts and other services $1,049,896.97. Some of the reporting markets did not break down their total sales into any categories, which accounts for the discrepancy of these subtotals not equaling the total amount reported. Seventy-eight percent (28 out of 36 respondents) reported that their agricultural sales increased over the past year. Eighty percent (24 out of 30 respondents) saw an increase in craft sales. Of the markets that reported, 74% said their gross sales increased, 21% said their sales decreased, and 5% said they remained about the same compared to the previous year.

Most markets determined their gross sales using an anonymous reporting form for each vendor. The form has the date and an area to write in a dollar amount for agricultural products, prepared food, and craft sales sold during the market. The form is either returned at the end of the market or at the following market. 

Farmers’ Market Research Projects and Special Reports

2010 Vermonter Poll:

661 Vermonters responded to the Vermonter Poll, a phone survey conducted annually by Center for Rural Studies at University of Vermont. The following three questions pertaining to Vermont farmers’ markets were part of the poll:

1) In 2009, how many times did you visit a farmers’ market? (The average number was 15)

2) Were there any products that you couldn’t find when you visited these farmers markets? If so, what were these products? (75% of respondents said "no")

3) When you see a food product labeled as “local,” do you assume that it’s organic? (84% said "no")

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2010 Vermont Farmers’ Market Price Comparison Study

During the summer months of 2010, NOFA-VT is conducting a price comparison study at 12 participating farmers’ markets in Vermont.  The study will last 2-3 months and compare farmers’ market prices of 12 items (mostly produce) with prices at surrounding grocery stores. Prices will be gathered 3 times a month. 

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