Board of Directors

NOFA Vermont Board of Directors

Pictured in January 2017, left to right : Jon Turner, Will Stevens, Annette Higby, Andrew Knafel, Cheryl Cesario, Maggie Donin, Lynn Ellen Schimoler, David Marchant, Debra Heleba. Not pictured: Seth Gardner, Kate Turcotte.

Please Vote for 4 NOFA-VT Board of Directors   

According to our by-laws, NOFA-VT shall have not less than 9 and not more than 12 directors.  The Nominating Committee develops a board slate based on self-nominations, nominations from other members, or committee nominees. The following criteria are taken into account when developing the board slate: gender balance, geographic representation, and skills and expertise. Board members are elected for 3 year terms and may serve three consecutive three year terms.  The Board Governance Committee recommended that we not have a competitive election, and instead nominate a slate based on the number of open seats.  You have the option to either vote yes, no, or abstain for each nominee. 

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Eric Sorkin ERIC SORKIN and his wife manage Runamok Maple, a certified organic sugaring operation with 97,000 taps on the western slopes of Mt. Mansfield.  Eric also operates Thunder Basin Fence, a small company focused on agricultural fencing. He has a background in environmental advocacy, a formal education in environmental management, and an interest in being on the board because he is “committed to supporting the continued growth of organic agriculture and sustainable farming practices.”

Brooke Dimmick BROOKE DIMMICK is a third generation dairy farmer.  Since 2008 she has operated an organic dairy farm, Neighborly Farms in Randolph Center, with her husband and in-laws.  Brooke believes it is important to educate people about the importance of sustainable agriculture in Vermont and keeping Vermont as an agricultural state.  She is interested in being on the board “to grow as a young farmer and work towards a better agricultural future.” 

Joe Bossen JOE BOSSEN is a farmer and an entrepreneur.  He founded Vermont Bean Crafters in 2009, and is a founding partner of All Souls Tortilleria, certified organic corn tortillas processed in Warren.  “When people gather to share a meal, they are implicitly decreasing food miles, relying on less energy, and helping to proliferate acres cultivated via crop rotations, under organic practices. That’s it. To participate, just chew, and be happy.”  

Peter Forbes PETER FORBES and his partner, Helen Whybrow, run Knoll Farm, a diversified organic berry and sheep farm and learning center in the Mad River watershed where they’ve raised their daughters and hosted people and organizations for almost two decades. He helps communities across the country to have dialogue on matters of consequence, working across differences in culture, power and ideology. Peter has written several books about the relationship of people to place.