EBT/Debit Card Project

The Vermont Farmers Market EBT and Debit Cards Project operates to allow recipients of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to spend their SNAP benefits at farmers markets across Vermont. Each Vermont farmers market participating in the Project is equipped with a card service machine that accepts EBT, Debit and/or Credit. This increases the opportunity for fresh produce and other local products to be purchased by limited-income Vermonters and for markets to improve overall sales from an improved consumer base. This increase in potential consumers promotes the success of the market, while improving the incomes of market vendors. Overall, the expected result of EBT and Debit availability at Vermont’s farmers markets is a growth of local economy and an option for low-income individuals and families to shop with their neighboring farmers rather than national retail chains.

The Vermont Farmers Market EBT and Debit Cards Project is a collaborative effort of Hunger Free Vermont, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, and Vermont Department for Children and Families that has helped farmers markets develop EBT and debit card service since 2007.

This project is made possible with the help and cooperation of our project partners:

  • Daniel McDevitt - EBT Director, Vermont Department for Children and Families | [email protected], (802) 769-6096
  • Drake Turner - Adult Nutrition Initiatives Manager, Hunger Free VT | [email protected], (802) 865-0255
  • Abbey Willard- Local Foods Administrator, Vermont Agency of Agriculture | [email protected], (802) 272-2885