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Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), the certification branch of NOFA-VT, was created in 1985 to help growers and concerned consumers define what it meant to farm organically.

These standards for organic production in Vermont were created by the farmers who were dedicated to growing practices that used a holistic approach to soil fertility, pest control and plant and animal health.

In 2002, with input from the organic community, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) implemented the National Organic Program (NOP) which created national standards for organic food. VOF was accredited by the USDA in 2002 to verify that agricultural products are raised in accordance with these standards. Although the USDA governs the program, various state and independent certifiers carry out the certification process on a local level.

The role of VOF is to certify farmers and processors to the NOP standards, which ensures that producers are achieving the necessary requirements. VOF’s purpose is to provide a highly credible program for independent third-party verification of organic food production, and to assist Vermont farmers and processors of all types to achieve the highest possible organic standards.

The National Organic Program Standards outline production requirements for crop and livestock producers as well as food processing operations. These standards outline the practices necessary to be certified organic. For a more in-depth view, the complete standards can be found on the web or click on one of the guidelines pages below.

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