Farm to Institution Report

NOFA-VT, as a partner in VT FEED, has conducted a statewide survey and analysis of institutional demand and supply chain infrastructure for local produce and eggs. The results of this research are in the report Scaling Up Vermont’s Local Food Production, Distribution, and Marketing, which will provide producers with quantifiable information for scaling up production for institutions as well as information about the current challenges and opportunities in institutional supply-chain infrastructure.

2012 NOFA Farm to Institution Report

Institutions surveyed for this report included colleges and universities, K-12 schools, hospitals, food shelves, state cafeterias, prisons, nursing homes, and senior meal sites. This information increases our understanding of where in the state this demand is located and clustered, if there are similarities in what institutions want, and what opportunities and challenges institutions face through the current local food supply chains. It provides an important building block towards increasing institutional local food purchasing.

A central goal of this research - and NOFA-VT’s continued farm to institution work - is to improve systems and develop creative partnerships that address the gaps in the current supply chain, and to help farmers build viable institutional markets.