Farm to Institution

NOFA Vermont's Farm to Institution programs connect people to local producers by bringing local food into hospitals, workplace cafeterias, school and college cafeterias, and other institutional settings.

Farm to Institution postersWe have created the resources below for all institutions (adjusted for all states) that are working to develop their local food buying programs and to market these programs to their customers, administrators, or other staff.  

For questions on how to use these forms or to receive technical assistance to develop your institution’s local food buying program, please contact Abbie Nelson or Erin Buckwalter at 434-4122 or

There are three different posters that institutions can choose from depending on the tiers they want to market. All links are downloadable PDF files. The following forms can be printed and written on directly or can be edited using Adobe Acrobat software. 

  1. For local & regional commitments (8.5 x 11) or (11 x 17
  2. For area, state and regional commitments (8.5 x 11) or (11 x 17)
  3. For area, Vermont and regional commitments (8.5 x 11) or (11 x 17)
  4. Worksheet: "Creating a Local & Values-Based Purchasing Action Plan" (PDF)

2012 NOFA Farm to Institution ReportNOFA-VT as a partner in the Vermont FEED project did an extensive survey of demand and infrastructure in Vermont's food system in 2012. Click here to learn more or download  Scaling Up Vermont's Local Food Production, Distribution, and Marketing.

We are interested in improving the connections between local producers, food hubs, distributors and institutions. We like to think of this as more to the third power: more local food to more people more easily!

As part of our Farm to Institution work, we are very involved in bringing school food service and farmers together as a partner in Vermont Food Education Every Day (VT FEED), a statewide farm to school project.

We work closely with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Foods and Marketing on our farm to institution projects. We are also members of both of the Vermont Farm to Plate's  Aggregation & Distribution and Consumer Education & Marketing Working Groups.

We continue to work with the Vermont Fresh Network and Health Care Without Harm to establish connections between producers, colleges and hospitals.

Local institutions can demonstrate their commitment to the health and well-being of their staff and clients, and to the economic and environmental health of Vermont by offering high quality, fresh, local food in their cafeterias.  Our Farm to Institution work strives to promote efficient, strategic programs to benefit farmers, food service, students, and communities.