Donating to the Farm Share Program

Your donation allows limited income members in your community to enjoy a season's worth of fresh produce from a local farm. Thank you for your support to ensure that anybody who wants to support local farms and eat good food has the opportunity to do so!

Please donate according to the following steps in support of a specific CSA farm's Farm Share Program:

1. Make a check out to NOFA-VT for the amount you would like to donate.
2. In the Memo Line, write "Farm Share - [INSERT FARM NAME]"
3. Mail check to: NOFA-VT, PO Box 697, Richmond, VT 05477

Online Donation
1. Visit NOFA-VT's donation web page: Network for Good
2. Indicate the amount of donation you would like to make
3. Indicate how frequently you would like the donation to be made (e.g. one-time, annual, etc.).
4. Indicate if you would like your donation to be public or anonymous.
5. Enter the name of the CSA farm you are donating to in the Farm Share Gift box*:

*If you would like to donate to the general Farm Share fund, do not indicate a specific farm.
6. Indicate your payment method (Credit, Debit or PayPal).
7. Select "Farm Share Program" from the Special Purpose section.
8. Complete a dedication (optional).

9. Select your giving option.
10. Click DONATE NOW.

NOTE: In order for NOFA-VT to accept tax-deductible Farm Share donations on a specific farm's behalf, they must first have signed a fiscal sponsor agreement with NOFA-VT. To learn more, contact Mike Good.