Vermont Pig and Pork Field Day

August 26, 2013 - 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Jasper Hill Farm, Greensboro VT (1-3pm)

Applecheek Farm, Hyde Park VT (4-6pm, followed by VT Pork celebration and feast)

Please join us for full afternoon of pork production and processing. Dale Rozeboom, Swine Nutrition & Production Management specialist from Michigan State University Extension, will be joining us as we visit two different pork farms. We will be touring Jasper Hill and Applecheek’s farm systems and looking at the innovative ways they are raising and finishing pigs. At each farm Dale will present on a number of topics including swine nutrition, the use of alternative feed sources, nutrient management, animal health and outdoor management. Dale has worked with a range of hog producers and will be sharing his experience with different farm models he has worked with in Michigan. This will be followed by processing demonstration and pork celebration.

Jasper Hill Farm is a 45-cow dairy & creamery producing handmade, artisan cheese. The swine program began as an effort to turn a potential waste product (whey) into a benefit for their staff by providing each employee with a whey-fed pig every year. The farm currently raises about 80 hogs/year for both employee benefits and local sales in the community. Jasper Hill is beginning a breeding program and hopes to replace most of their purchased piglets with heritage breeds (Tamworth & Berkshire) farrowed and raised on-site.

 Applecheek Farm raises about 50 hogs a year in wooded pastures. They are beginning a program to breed some of the first Ossabaw Island Hogs in the state as well as crosses of Ossabaws and Mulefoots. In addition to a diet of barley and apples, their hogs supplement with the wide variety of foodstuffs in the abundant forests surrounding the farm.

This workshop is co-organized by UVM's Center for Sustainable Agriculture and NOFA-VT with funding support from Risk Management Agency and FSMIP.

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Make your way to Greensboro, VT. At The Willey’s Store in “downtown” Greensboro, take a right and continue past the post office on your right. This is Garven Hill Road, and you will take this road until you turn onto the farm. You’ll pass the Greensboro Nursing Home on your left, and the paved road will end. Jasper Hill is close! Once the dirt road starts, Jasper Hill is the third driveway on the right (there’s a road sign for TH 41). If you see a barn with a ridiculously awesome painting of Bayley Hazen Blue in space, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Turn right onto our driveway, you’ll pass the barn and creamery on the right, and bear left just past the red barn to the parking lot for the Cellars. Please park on either side of the red barn, and leave keys in your vehicle in the event that we need to move your car for a delivery.

For those who are using a GPS, our physical address is 884 Garven Hill Rd, Greensboro, Vermont. Due to Greensboro’s late addition to the 911 system and differences between GPS devices, sometimes Garven Hill Rd. is spelled Garvin Hill Rd., and sometimes we’re listed as being in Greensboro Bend instead of Greensboro. Also, sometimes we’re also listed at 148 Town Highway 41.

Please be advised that mobile phones have limited to no service in Greensboro.

Save or print out these directions – you’ll be happy you did if you get lost…


Vermont Pork Producers Field Day and Farm Tours

Jasper Hill Farm and Applecheek FarmGreensboro and Hyde Park, VT
$30 for NOFA & VGFA members; $50 for non-members
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