Hand Mowing & Scything: Tips & Techniques

July 14, 2012 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

Come learn the practical skill of using a scythe! This workshop will include safety, history, demonstration and application, sharpening, and mowing techniques. Extra scythes will be on hand, and if you already have one, bring it with you. Instructors include Robin Hopps, Michael Low and Mark Shattuck, who have nearly 40 years combined mowing experience. Learn practical applications for using a scythe on your own land, including making loose hay and fodder, clearing electric fence lines, grass trimming, and weeding.

Registration: Limited to 21 participants: please use link below to register.

Directions: We will e-mail directions to registrants.

Shattuck's HomesteadRichmond, VT
$10 for NOFA-VT members; $20 non-members
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(802) 434-4122