Cooling Systems at Jericho Settlers Farm

July 20, 2011 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm

This workshop is funded by a Specialty Crop Block Grant and offered at no charge.

At Jericho Settlers Farm, Christa Alexander and Mark Fasching utilize two walk-in coolers of very different types for their vegetable and egg cooling needs. One cooler is a traditional compressor installed in pre-fabricated insulated panels and the other is a self-built insulated room cooled by a CoolBot. They also utilize hydro and passive cooling methods to cool produce and maintain quality. They are experienced with storing produce year-round and have conducted on-farm research to examine best management practices for winter carrot storage. Learn about the benefits, challenges, and costs of these systems and other tricks to maintain high quality produce and eggs.

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Jericho Settlers Farm
22 Barber Farm Road
Jericho Center, VT
FREE: funded by a Specialty Crop Block Grant
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