Resources for Eating Locally

Where is local? Several localvore pods have set themselves the challenge of eating within 100 miles of where they live. This 100-mile radius calculator will give you an idea of how far away that is.

Farmers' Markets: Many Vermont towns now have Farmers' Markets. Markets are a great opportunity to purchase locally grown and raised produce, meats, cheeses, and much more.

CSAs: The goal of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm is to reconnect people with the land that sustains them, the farmer who grows their food, and to the food that nourishes their families each day. CSAs provide a mutually beneficial arrangement between farmer and community members. In exchange for financial support from community members at the outset of the growing season, the farmer commits to providing healthy, locally-grown food throughout the season.

Cooking, baking, canning, freezing, and preserving the harvest require culinary skills. The Local Agricultural Community Exchange in Barre is providing classes and workshops to demonstrate the variety of dishes that can be made from local foods in every season as well as harvest storage techniques.

Don't have time to cook? The Vermont Fresh Network has a searchable database of restaurants that aim to serve local, fresh food.